Training Modules: (Boys & Girls)

  • Fundamental Stage – 5-8 Yrs.
  • Enjoying Practice – 8-11 Yrs.
  • Developing Practice – 11-14 Yrs.
  • Training for Competition – 14-16
  • Understanding Competition – 16-18 Yrs.
  • Developing Winning – 18-20 Yrs.
  • Training to Win – 20+

Private lessons:

Your child or student will receive undivided attention during his/her private coaching time. The goal of private lessons is to identify skill areas that need development in a one-to-one environment.  Emphasis is placed on technique , decision making and building player confidence.

Whether your child or student is learning how to play football for the first time or is on their way to becoming a professional player, our private lessons will improve their both confidence level and football skills.

Football Camps:

Football Camps are intense week-long day camps that significantly advance your  football skills.

Join our Club team:

Do you want to play for a football club right here in Jaipur? Do you want to train and become a better player under an experienced international coach? If so, then we invite you to join Jaipur Football Club. You will have weekly practice sessions and play games under the supervision of an experienced international coach. The practices and styles of play are modelled after the International Football system.