Rajasthan’s Football Goes Global:

First time in history of Rajasthan’s football game, Jaipur FC has taken it’s team to International Football competition at Sweden for Gothia Cup 2012. This is a landmark achievement for Rajasthan, where there is not much Football played in the state. We request and thank the wishes and cooperation of all our stakeholders & well-wishers.

When & Where: 
July 15-21,  2012 at Gothenburg (Sweden)

 B18 – Boys born 1st January 1994 in the year 2012

Team Standing: Jaipur FC made it to the 1/32 Final in B18 B-Play Off Category out of 147 teams in thier age category. Jaipur FC is the Highest ranked Indian team in World Youth Cup – Gothia, Sweden. 

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